Sunday, 11 November 2012

NEWS & NOTES: The Harder They Come comes of age + Regina Beavers wants to foster creative expression in kids

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: “I’ve always loved kids and have always had a secret desire to teach, so I have been preparing for this moment where I am in a position to make a difference with our children, our future.” That’s precisely how Regina Beavers sums up her decision to launch Expression Through Creativity (ETC), an innovative Christmas camp for kids, strategically infused with activities that will inspire each camper and facilitate growth and development for future endeavours. The former Miss Jamaica World, who is spearheading the unique initiative, says she plans on bringing out the creative side of each child that attends. “We want to embrace and encourage creativity because we understand the importance of creative expression in a child’s development.” In addition to workshops in dance, film, presentation, social skills and art, the camp will feature appearances by celebrity guests. Registration starts Dec. 1. To learn more, email 

COOL AND CLASSIC: “There can never be another The Harder They Come like the original. So for those who can't see through a remake, we are aware,” explains Justine Henzell, speaking with The Sunday Observer about the planned modern-day updating of the seminal Jamaican film, which turns 40 this month. “The truth is, protecting the value of the work is most important to us, the family, but we are willing to try.” Meantime, Henzell notes that the stage version of THTC, which did big business in the UK a few years back, could get a local run in the near future, provided that suitable and adequate space becomes available. “We are hoping to bring this production to Jamaica, or stage it with local actors at some point,” she says. “However, the serious lack of space creates a challenge.”

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