Tuesday, 13 November 2012

SNEAK PREVIEW: Rosie Murray gives cougar love in Wine & Roses

TAKING HOLD: Murray and Barracks get close.

In 2011’s If Walls Could Talk, Rosie Murray gave a wonderful and witty performance as a housekeeper sashaying her way into the life of another woman’s man. The supporting-role turn drew critical and audience huzzahs and won Murray Thespy and Actor Boy nominations. 

This season, Murray is back on the prowl. In David Tulloch’s Wine & Roses (opening Dec. 2 at New Kingston’s Pantry Playhouse), the actress-broadcaster is set to portray Carol, a 45-year-old businesswoman (and unabashed cougar) who finds herself entangled in a torrid affair with an 18-year-old boy named Jonathan, played by relative newcomer Fabian Barracks. 

Above is a photographed dramatization of a scene from the play (dubbed “a story of all our lives, as chance happens to us all”), rendered at a recent convening of the St. Hugh’s Past Students’ Association in Kingston. You simply can’t fake that kind of intimate, tell-tale chemistry. 

When the production opens to the public next month, it will also feature such seasoned actors as Rodney Campbell, Keisha Patterson, Racquel McLean, and Carl Davis.

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