Friday, 16 November 2012

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Romain Virgo riffs on striving to inspire other young Jamaicans

GREEN DAY: Virgo wearing a Riddim Driven embroidery military woven shirt and logo tee.

Joining a sizeable panel of young and veteran Jamaican men, high-flying singer Romain Virgo was a guest on TV J’s All Angles earlier this week, contributing his thoughts on the role and place of men in our society – and how he sees himself as a musical artist with an enormous social responsibility. 

“Based on the kind of family I grew up in, I know the proper principles and values and that’s something that I take seriously. As an entertainer, it’s not about the eat-a-food thing for me, I see this whole thing as doing music that somebody can actually look at me as a role model,” explains Virgo, who recently returned from headlining his third solo tour of Europe. “So we just try to keep it clean at all times, make sure that what every lyric we put out there, people can listen to it and say this is something positive that’s gonna make me think something positive, because we always think about getting rich in a positive way. So that’s something us as artistes have to think about.” 

Crafting songs that are right for the times as well as relevant for young audiences also matters deeply to the 23-year-old star. “I always try to speak to things that I know are affecting young people today,” he says. “So I know definitely that young people look up to us. It just needs more people to do what we are doing, and then I know the country can be better.” 

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