Friday, 23 November 2012

TAKING THE LEAD: Andrea Wright on Delcita’s continued growth and tackling fresh issues

CALL ME MAYBE: Delcita sports the wild-and-free look.

“When she just came on the scene, she was a very frank, very feisty person, but now we see where she is now an adviser, dishing out advice to women about relationships and other issues,” says comedic actress Andrea Wright, speaking to the evolution of her force-of-nature alter ego Delcita, who is shaking things up yet again – even as she grapples with dyslexia – in Courthouse Drama

By taking on such rarely explored themes, Wright admits, you run the risk of limiting the scope of your audience. But it all boils down to confidence in your material and how the material is presented. “Finding a producer who is willing to go down that road with you can be a challenge, but it’s worth trying something new,” she says with a laugh over the phone. “From the days of Mas Ran and Miss Lou, you find that a lot of the issues in theatre have become repetitive. So the challenge now is to find topics that will not only entertain people but also offer some context and value for their money.” 

Banking on Delcita’s trademark mix of sass and exuberance, Courthouse Drama has been experiencing little difficulty in thrilling audiences since its curtains first went up over a month ago. Recently, the show hit the Cayman Islands to rave reviews. “We had a very good time. Excellent, actually. The audience was really great. And I am still getting calls,” Wright says. “But one of their concerns is that they wish Jamaicans would support their events as much as they show support for ours. So that’s something for us to look into for the future.”

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