Monday, 12 November 2012

TALK OF THE TOWN: Asafa turning 30; Al Miller trial for 2013; Obama takes Florida

B’day Bash: Asafa gearing up for his ‘Flirty 30’ 
Sprinter Asafa Powell, who recently visited the Cayman Islands on professional duties, has a major birthday on the horizon. The MVP superstar will celebrate his 30th on Nov. 23 with an expectedly star-studded bash, dubbed “Flirty 30,” in Beverly Hills. Expect the fans and VIP colleagues to flock to the affair in droves, eager to help Powell enter his third decade in style. 

Legal Matters: Rev. Al Miller trial set for next March 
The public will have to wait until the New Year for that long-awaited resolution of the Al Miller/Dudus saga. The trial of the popular preacher, which should have commenced last Wednesday, won’t get going until March 5, 2013. Miller, who will answer to a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, found himself in hot water in June 2010 after fugitive Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was found in his company along the Mandela Highway in St Catherine. 

Update: Busy Signal’s prison time winding down 
Deejay Busy Signal could be a free man before the month is out. According to fresh reports, the incarcerated entertainer has only a couple of weeks left to serve of his six-month sentence (in Minnesota) on drug-related charges. His arrival home in time for the holiday season would undoubtedly be a boon to his close friends and colleagues. 

BEST OF LAST WEEK: Obama-mania 2.0 
With almost all ballots in Florida counted, US media on Saturday projected Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama the winner in that state four days after he won Tuesday's national election to secure a second consecutive term in the White House. Florida brings his total of electoral votes to 332 compared to 206 for Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Florida was the last state where the outcome was in doubt because three counties were still counting ballots.

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