Tuesday, 20 November 2012

TALKING BACK: Readers respond to recent hot topics on TALLAWAH

HOME SWEET HOME: Deejay Busy Signal returns to Jamaica 
“Busy is one of the good guys, and we will always wish the best for him. Just continue to live your life as an example to other entertainers and people, and keep your nose clean. Everyone make mistakes at some point. It is how you deal with it that counts.” – Warren Johnson 
LIVING OUT LOUD: Music diva Cherine turns up the heat in latest video 
“Seriously, where did those cirque du soleil dancers come from? Wicked! Take them on tour with you, Cherine. This video reminded me of Patra back in the days. Cherine is real original and she can dance too.” – Marsha Tambul’nubiya 
PLAY IT AGAIN: The 2012/3 LTM/Pantomime Schoolaz 
Schoolers...again? Talk about running out of ideas.” – Nikki 
MODEL ATHLETE: Sprint queen Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce on success and 2013 
“Shelly-Ann is setting a fine example for young Jamaican women: set your goals, work for them, and, when achieved, remain grounded, humble and truthful. We are proud of you, Shelly-Ann. Keep on being true to your God, your values, and your dreams! – Chantal

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