Wednesday, 28 November 2012

THE GENTLEMAN’S GAME: Veteran scribe Tony Becca chronicles more golden moments in cricket

PAGE BY PAGE: History and sport intertwined.

“It will enrich your experience,” says former West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Pat Rousseau, referring to Tony Becca’s superb new book Cricket Lovely Cricketers: The Best of My Time (Wilson, Franklyn Barnes Publishers), a diminutive but meticulously detailed collection of insights into the careers of great cricketers, that allows Becca to demonstrate yet again that he is not only an incisive, pungently truthful and uncompromising commentator but also an historian of merit. 

Overall though, the book is best described as a sharply focused collection of historical vignettes, with each recollection of the featured cricket geniuses glittering with factual certitude and are obviously mined from the cherished memories of Becca's most enjoyable match experiences. 

A bonafide collector’s item, it will take pride of place in every self-respecting cricket historian’s library. “We were delighted and intrigued to be part of this his historical moment in cricket,” notes publisher Delano Franklyn. “This book will open your eyes and mind to Becca’s long journey in cricket.”

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