Friday, 16 November 2012

THE OTHER WOMAN: Nadean Rawlins set to explore her inner bad girl in God’s Way 2

HEAD STRONG: "It’s a must-see," says Rawlins of her latest gig.

Actors claim it’s way more fun playing a bad character than a good one. Nadean Rawlins is gearing up to have a blast – and bring her A game – as a scheming temptress in Dahlia Harris’ God’s Way 2: Carlton’s Redemption, one of the most hotly anticipated cultural events of the season. 

“I’m playing a friend of Carlton from his time when he was overseas, and she’s apparently coming to cause trouble,” explains Rawlins, who will star opposite Carl Samuels, Ainsley Whyte and Harris in the stage drama, which opens month-end at the Stephanie Hall Auditorium. “So she’s pretty much a troublemaker. She apparently liked him, or she loved him, at one point, but he had a wife, and now she’s back in the picture.” 

From a personal standpoint, Rawlins (a veteran of the stage and small screen) is not afraid to admit that she drew inspiration from her own past experiences while prepping to sink her teeth into the sizeable role. “It’s interesting to be playing the role of the other woman because I have journeyed that road before. I not ashamed to say,” she tells TALLAWAH, laughing. 

Like its predecessor, God’s Way 2 tackles a hothouse of topical, relatable issues sure to resonate with a wide cross-section of audiences. “It deals with infidelity, relationships, religion and other issues that people can certainly relate to,” says Rawlins, last season’s Thespy winner for Best Actress (Not About Eve). “We shot the TV ad a few days ago, and Dahlia [Harris] sent me a copy, and I am very pleased with what I saw. It should draw people to come and see the show, and not just churchgoers, but people in general. It’s for everyone.” 

Maintaining her PR-woman guise, Rawlins adds, “It’s a must-see, and it’s only running for six shows, so everybody will have to rush out to come see it.” 

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