Thursday, 29 November 2012

THINK BIG: 6 Expert-Approved Ways to Jump-Start Your Dreams and Live a Blessed Life

SKY'S THE LIMIT: When it comes to realizing big dreams, usually one feels it’s best to just release the fear and go after what you want. But more often than not, the success secrets of others are what we truly need to get us on that path to achieving triumph in whatever the heart desires – whether it’s landing a high-paying gig, financing grad school, or losing 50 pounds. Here are six fail-proof tips from the experts to aid you in your quest. Start using them today! 

Name It and Claim It: 
Affirm your heart’s desire as rightfully yours. Speak of the accomplishment in the present tense: “I am the best person for this job. The promotion is mine.” 

Put Yourself in the Picture: 
Imagine a day immersed in the role you hope to play, be it wife, father, CEO, or opera singer. Sketch or collage a storyboard of yourself doing those activities. Psychologists say visualization keeps us on track. 

Create a Timeline for Action: 
A dream is just a dream – until it has a due date. Work backward from that date to map out when interim goals will be met. Even if you have to adjust along the way, your timeline will keep you motivated. 

Keep Score: 
Chart your progress in a daily log: How many chapters studied, miles run, personal ads answered, calories consumed, whatever. At the end of the day, you’ll have something to celebrate or a powerful incentive to get going tomorrow. 

Don’t Play by Others’ Rules: 
Someone else’s path to success may inspire you, but remember that your unique gifts equip you to make things happen on your own terms. 

Use a Setback as a Stepping Stone: 
So the loan wasn’t approved or the grant proposal was rejected. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Look for the lesson in what went wrong, and apply this to get it right next time around.

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