Tuesday, 6 November 2012

HISTORY ON HOLD: Lack of funding stalls plans for Ranny Williams Museum

IN HIS OWN IMAGE: The Jamaican legend, circa 1970, in his prime.

As the 100-year anniversary of his birth becomes a part of the national conversation du jour, the Pantomime Company’s dream of establishing a small museum in honour of cultural icon Ranny Williams has also come into sharp focus. But as the story so often goes when it comes to matters of the arts, a lack of funding threatens to keep the dream from being realized. 

“It’s something we’re hoping for. We’re hoping because it takes money,” explains conceptualizer Barbara Gloudon, speaking with TALLAWAH at Monday’s “centenary birthday party” in honour of Mas Ran. 

According to Gloudon, the idea is that the museum will serve as a nostalgic resource showcasing theatre artefacts and other precious gems connected in some way to the late great cultural icon. “We already have a number of artefacts, if we can call them that. We have quite a lot of costumes. We have props from a lot of shows, we have stories from people, photographs, and what is our hope is that if we get a start to do anything, we will bring them all together and get it done.” 

Among the prized photographs is a framed black-and-white image of Bob Marley visiting Williams on his deathbed. 

“About two, three years now we have been dreaming of [the museum], and I think we need it now,” Gloudon emphasizes. “But we need help to get it going.” 

A Man for all Seasons: Celebrating Mas Ran’s birthday centenary 

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