Tuesday, 18 December 2012

AGENT PROVOCATEUR: David Tulloch on dating older women, marrying his dream girl, and Mission 2013

THE BIG PICTURE: Rosie Murray and Fabian Barracks star in Wine & Roses. Inset: Tulloch at the 2011 Actor Boy Awards.

Writers are always being encouraged to write what they know, and it appears playwright-director (and new husband) David Tulloch has taken that advice to heart, offering scripts that walk the fine line between fiction and fact – including his sexy-funny potboiler Wine & Roses, slight aspects of which are firmly rooted in his own (past) reality. 

TALLAWAH: David, your recently revived dramedy Wine & Roses provocatively explores the cougar-prey relationship dynamic with surprising results. Be honest, did you draw from personal experiences in writing the script? 
Tulloch: I’ve been involved in a few of those relationships (Laughs). When I was 19 I was involved with someone 11 years older than me, and sometime ago, maybe two years, I was involved in another one. And this one was many, many years older than I was. 

Judging by your body of work, you come across as a playwright who delights in provoking your audiences. 
I like to push the boundaries. I am not interested in the kinds of topics that I see always being explored on stage. I like to try things differently, and do my own thing. 

Congrats on your recent nuptials. How do you feel about finally settling down with your dream girl? 
It feels good. It’s something I felt that I needed to do finally (Laughs). 

How and when did you know Carla was The One? 
Well, we’ve known each other for about 11 years, and we’ve been together on and off, but the chemistry was still strong. We were always pretty tight. No matter what we are going through, we always talk. 

What did you learn about yourself this year? 
I think I am more mature now, and definitely more patient. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2013? 
I have a whole lot of work on my plate. A lot of people have started asking me to direct their work, and I’m hoping to be coming back on stage next year as well. People say I should do more acting. I’m hoping to expand Probemaster Entertainment because there continues to be a demand for the work that we do both in Montego Bay and Kingston. So I’m looking to go to the next level. And we definitely need to take the industry to a higher level and start supporting each other more. 

Review: A healthy B+ for Wine & Roses

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