Friday, 21 December 2012

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK: Danielle Stiebel on trying her hand at producing, loving the stage, and staying in shape

STEPPING OUT: "I’m an organizer by trait, so I like this new role."

Stepping into the role of producer is a fascinating new experience for the multi-faceted Danielle Stiebel, whose primary focus these days is helping to fine-tune preparations for the Jamaica Junior Theatre’s upcoming Alice: The Musical. Fancy as her job might sound, Stiebel will be the first tell you that the world of theatre production is hardly a wonderland. “It’s been exciting as well as overwhelming, but it takes a lot out of you,” she tells TALLAWAH at Monday’s press launch. “I’m honored to get the role, and we’re just looking to rebrand and see what’s next for us for the next many years from here.” 

Why Alice? “Well, we wanted to keep up the fantasy and just play on the whole idea of celebrating Jamaica 50, and us celebrating our 51st as a musical-theatre company,” Stiebel explains. “We said why not go back to the original, because it was the very first show that we ever did for JJTC. So we thought, How else could Alice be different? We decided to put a twist on it and get audiences excited. And so we’re very excited about what we came up with, and I know people are gonna enjoy it.” 

As much as she’s enjoying the challenge of pulling strings behind the scenes, Stiebel is a spotlight natural, who’s sang and danced her way into the hearts of audiences for years as a principal member of the Jamaica Musical Theatre Company (JMTC). As she tells it, she has no intention of fully giving that up. “I hope to get back to the stage one day. What we’re trying to do now is see if we can revive senior theatre because, sadly, it hasn’t been going on for a while just because of the economy and stuff,” she says. 

“But I like being a producer. I’m an organizer by trait, so I like this role and I love teaching and getting to work with the kids to hone their talents," she further notes. "This is where I developed my own talents, so I’m happy to do that and hopefully, I’ll get to go back on the stage and blossom even more.” 

In the meantime, the 27-year-old is doing her best to stay in great physical shape. “I try to keep fit by dancing with the Company [Dance Theatre] with Mr. Tony Wilson,” she says. “I love to keep going and just being active, living and enjoying life. I’m really low-maintenance, so just enjoying life, that’s my secret.”

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