Monday, 31 December 2012

BUILT TO LAST: Sprint king Usain Bolt’s 6 Greatest Moments in 2012

WARMING UP: Boldly unstoppable and promising that the best is yet to come, sprinting legend Usain Bolt dominated international headlines throughout 2012. Here, TALLAWAH slows down to take a look back at some of his finest moments: 

1. 100M Golden Run in London: 
The stage was set for a glorious moment in sporting history and we were not to be let down. With a blistering run of 9.63 seconds, Bolt retained his title from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, cementing his world-class, rising-to-the-occasion reputation – and adding another Olympic Record to his name. 

2. 200M Golden Run in London: 
In a stunning time of 19.32 seconds, Bolt transcended the world of sprinting as a superstar of athletics in another Olympic final, delivering a scintillating performance before a global audience of billions to lead a clean Jamaican sweep of the medals, followed by a world-record anchoring of the 4X100M to bring the curtain down on the Olympic Games in astonishing fashion. 

3. Aussie Getaway, Brazilian Treatment, Kiwi Hospitality, Japanese Love: 
Post-Olympics, a globe-trotting, PUMA-endorsed expedition to celebrate his remarkable exploits was a natural choice for the superstar sprinter, whose every move TALLAWAH tracked as he touched down in such fun, exotic locales as New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Brazil. 

4. IAAF Gala in Barcelona, Spain: 
Impeccably turned out in a sharply tailored outfit, Bolt was in dashing-hero form as he picked up one of his most attractive prizes of the year: the IAAF World Male Athlete of the Year award (alongside female counterpart Allyson Felix of the United States). 

5. The Multiple Magazine Covers: 
A year of exhaustive international media coverage saw the World’s Fastest Man snagging an impressive number of magazine covers, among them his second Sports Illustrated, his first-ever TALLAWAH, and several track-and-field-centric mags like Athletics Weekly and Runners’ Weekly

6. CNN Exclusive: Piers Morgan Tonight interview 
When you’re an international figure of a certain lofty stature, a one-on-one sit-down with CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight goes a long way in solidifying that status. In the last quarter of 2012, Bolt hit up the CNN Studios to vibe with Morgan, dishing on everything from his many accomplishments to their rival football clubs (Manchester United and Arsenal, respectively) to the sprinter’s life outside the spotlight. The result, recently aired, was one of the most refreshing, insightful interviews either of them has ever done.

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