Wednesday, 26 December 2012

CULTURE BEAT: The meaning behind “Zero Dark Thirty” + Geoffrey Philp debuts latest effort

YULETIDE MAGIC: Following such enchanting previous releases as Grandpa Sydney’s Anancy Stories and Marcus & The Amazons, author Geoffrey Philp is back to delight readers (of all ages) anew with his latest fantasy-laden effort, The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby (Mabrak Books), another creative collaboration with illustrator daughter, Christina. As the story goes, on a cold Christmas Eve in Myrtle Grove, Joe and Myriam Lumley find a baby in a Dutch pot on their doorstep. Without hesitating, the Lumleys take the child, whom they name Eleanor, into their home. But little do they know, Attaberra, Queen of the Zemis, who has watched over the island since it rose out of the sea, has been watching their every move. The Queen has also made a prediction about the child. Will her strange prediction come true? To access the Kindle Edition, click HERE

TRUE GRIT: Zero Dark Thirty, the new cinematic account of history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man (Osama bin Laden), has emerged as one of this season’s sure-bet awards contenders in Hollywood. It’s currently nominated for four Golden Globes, including Best Picture. But what’s the meaning behind the film’s strange-sounding title? According to director Kathryn Bigelow, “it’s a military term for 30 minutes after midnight, and it also refers to the darkness and secrecy that cloaked the entire decade-long mission.” The film is a chronicle of the 10-year hunt for the notorious al-Qaeda terrorist following the 9/11 attacks and his subsequent death at the hands of US Navy Seals in May 2011. With a running time of 157 minutes, it stars Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Jason Clarke and Mark Strong, and reunites Bigelow with screenwriter Mark Boal, the team behind the Oscar-winning tour-de-force The Hurt Locker. To check out the trailer, click HERE

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