Sunday, 23 December 2012

IN THE MIX: Asafa’s fashion line takes off + Brian Lumley dishes on his passion for cuisine

KITCHEN MAGICIAN: “That is what I really love; to cook and share with other people,” reveals chef extraordinaire Brian Lumley, who flashes a megawatt smile as he graces the newest issue of Buzzz Magazine. The passionate 25-year-old, one of the country’s brightest culinary stars (recently anointed Chef of the Year), also opened up to the mag about his eventful journey to the top of his game, as well as his planned fallback career “had the culinary thing not worked out” – fashion modelling. Excellent choice. 

HIS OWN DESIGN: Of late, ace sprinter Asafa Powell has been giving full rein to his business acumen as he seeks to further diversify his résumé. “I want to be a businessman. I’ve been in the sport for a very long time, but I am not sure I want to stay in the sport,” he tells The Gleaner. “I have other dreams that I want to pursue, like my clothing line that I just started.” And speaking of the fashion line, it’s a vibrant cache of sporty options for men, women and kids, in addition to such accoutrements as chic water bottles, fabulous bags and edgy caps. “We are currently focusing on t-shirts, but the ladies wanted to be included so we went with the booty shorts,” Powell explains. “There are other items such as onesies and even maternity wear.” To check out the full catalogue, visit

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