Wednesday, 12 December 2012

IN THE MIX: Yendi Phillipps delights in motherhood + Cherine sets the record straight on her foxy new image

THE SKIN I’M IN: “It’s something that’s coming from within,” Cherine tells Intense of her bold new look, which has attracted a wave of criticism, most recently with the release of her supersexy video “Haffi Come Back.” “I’m a creative person, and if you’re gonna do a new song or something different, I think what people see on the outside should reflect what’s going on on the inside. So if today I feel girly or spunky, I look it.” For the reigning dancehall-soul diva, it’s all about taking control and loving what God made. “I’m not going to walk around and parade in the streets in a thong because it’s not called for, unless I was playing a role,” she explains. “But I believe in embracing your femininity. As a woman you have to embrace who you are.”

MOTHER COURAGE: “My value system is more strengthened. Her smile gives me energy,” Yendi Phillipps confesses to Flair of being a first-time mom. “I didn't know that I could love this much because there is no limit to the love that I have for her. Having a child has now made me even closer to God.” Sleep deprivation is the only downside to the whole experience. “There is a reason why we were told to sleep eight hours per night,” she says, emphasizing also that she relies largely on maternal instincts to guide her in this exciting new phase of her life. “As a mom you will always know what's good for your child, so always follow your gut instincts.” And looking to the future, she reveals, “Going for my son next year.”

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