Saturday, 1 December 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Ricardo Gardener + PM Portia Simpson-Miller + Lovel Palmer + Tarrus Riley + ZJ Rush + Keammar Daley + Chris Martin

SHOW STOPPERS: Nov. 30, Suriname. Ahead of headlining the Digicel 5th Anniversary concert in Paramaribo on the weekend, reggae hitmakers Tarrus Riley and Chris Martin sat down with members of the press during a media launch, including an interview with Radio 10. (Photo: El Puru)

YELLOW FEVER: Nov. 29, Kingston. Members of the Reggae Boyz senior squad (Lovel Palmer, Joel Silver, Ricardo Gardener, Ryan Johnson and Keammar Daley) pose with their driver Mr. Burrows and pair of lovely belles at Thursday's launch of the Suzuki Kisashi inside the Suzuki Showroom. The squad is currently gearing up for the Caribbean Cup Championships on the road to Brazil 2014. (Photo: STUSH)

CLUB RED: Nov. 27, Kingston. Ace disc jock and birthday boy ZJ Rush was in the mix at the recent iteration of Guess Tuesdays inside the Quad nightclub, flashing his pearly whites in the company of two pretty young fillies. (Photo:

HEAD STRONG: Nov, 24, St. Andrew. Atelier of Cinderella Hats, Ichea Walker, fits one of her Miss Jamaica designs atop PM Portia Simpson-Miller on the opening day of the Jamaica Business Development Corporation’s shopping affair Signature Sorrel, held at Jamaica House last weekend. The event featured such authentic Jamaican fare as visual art, food, and home accents. (Photo: OPM)

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