Tuesday, 4 December 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Romain Virgo + Yendi Phillipps + Kevin Blaire + Raine Seville + Craig Jackson

GO FIGURE: Dec. 2, Kingston. Last Sunday's uberlively Rum Punch party drew a star-studded mix of socialites and entertainers, including cutie-pie songbird Raine Seville, to the Liguanea Club in New Kingston. Hot mama! (Photo: Skkan Media)

BAND OF BROTHERS: Dec. 2, Kingston. Out enjoying the hypnotic vibes at Sunday's Rum Punch bash in New Kingston, the shutterbugs photographed Voicemail musicians Craig Jackson and Kevin Blaire, hanging with industry colleague Frankie Campbell(Photo: Skkan Media)

SHE'S BACK: Dec. 4, Kingston. Returning to TV J's charming Smile Jamaica set on Tuesday for the first time since giving birth to a bouncing baby girl a month ago, a svelte Yendi Phillipps was all smiles as she posed for a quick snap. (Photo: Yendi Phillipps/Twitter)

MAIN ATTRACTION: Nov. 30, St. Andrew. Serving as headliner of the Bailey's concert at the Redbones Blues Cafe last Friday evening, singer Romain Virgo was a hit with the fans (including these two hotties), who eagerly joined the star for a round of picture-taking. (Photo: STUSH)

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