Sunday, 9 December 2012

READING ROOM: Mike Henry’s memoirs and other noteworthy literary titles

Roger Mais 
The Hills Were Joyful Together (New Edition) 
Available Now, Peepal Tree Press. 
At 320 pages, this gritty Jamaican classic (originally published in 1951) displays an unflinching and deeply distressing realism, all the while full of the author’s prophetic rage. Running the gamut of Mais’ signature themes (urban poverty, family ties, seething vengeance), it is without doubt a well-shaped work of art with a genuinely tragic vision. 

Ralph Thompson 
Taking Words for a Walk 
Available now, Peepal Tree Press. 
Hailed as a superb craftsman, the poems in Thompson’s latest collection of selected pieces (some significantly revised), both retain their original luster and enter into rewarding dialogue, displaying their creator’s astonishing octogenarian energy. 

Mike Henry (with Reginald Allen)
Mike Henry: His Memoirs
Coming soon in paperback, LMH Publishing. 
Dubbed “the richly told life of a true Jamaican pioneer,” Henry’s 200-page account of his illustrious, eventful journey so far (political, philanthropic, personal) is among the most keenly anticipated pageturners on the horizon. “Expect utter candour and surprising new revelations,” a source tells TALLAWAH.

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