Wednesday, 12 December 2012

STAGE SIRENS: Who are theatre’s most remarkable leading ladies (so far) this year? Four to watch

SCENE STEALERS: Harris and Carl Samuels star in God's Way 2.

Risanne Martin in “Ruined”: 
As the no-nonsense brothel owner Mama Nadi, Martin brought emotional depth and fierce intelligence to the School of Drama stage, giving what can best be described as a career-making performance in a powerful drama (set in the war-torn Congo) that enlightened viewers in spite of its dark and difficult subject matter. 

Deon Silvera in “Fifty 2 Rahtid”: 
Silvera has shown repeatedly that she is a natural comedic actress, equally suited to slapstick fare and witty, home-bred laugh riots. This past summer, she returned to familiar terrain in Aston Cooke’s Fifty 2 Rahtid, where she never once held back in turning it out in a series of rib-tickling sketch roles, even giving us a taste of her pretty-decent singing voice. 

Sherando Ferrill in “Stanley, Fay, Pularchie & P”: 
Though working in a cast of megawatt talent (Dennis Titus, Maurice Bryan, Marguerite Newland), Ferrill’s shine could not be dimmed as she breathed life into the juicy role of a beleaguered wife whose husband (Titus) brings old drama into their lives. It’s an outstanding performance made all the more so by the fact that this is an actress we don’t get to see often in local theatre. 

Dahlia Harris in “God’s Way 2: Carlton’s Redemption”: 
In this absorbing sequel, Harris returned as Valerie, a Christian wife who turned her life over to a husband – and now that the rug has been pulled from beneath her feet, she is embittered and comes out roaring like a bull. It’s a gratifying role that serves Harris well, while allowing the actress to display a flair for dramatic intensity and capacity for emotional restraint.

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