Friday, 7 December 2012

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE: With a lush makeover, Studio 38 is reborn as Puls8

ON THE HOUSE: A section of the revamped bistro at Thursday's launch.

“The time had come.” That’s simply and precisely how Pulse’s head honcho Kingsley Cooper accounts for the transformation of the old haunt of Studio 38 into the vibrant, hip and cleverly titled hotspot we now know as Puls8. “We’ve moved from being focussed on a more mature target audience to a younger demographic, so that is essentially what is behind the rebranding, and everybody thinks it’s fabulous.” 

Indeed. On Thursday evening, a host of socialites and popular personalities (skinny models too) flocked to the Trafalgar Road, New Kingston, locale for the official launch and unveiling of the bistro’s bold new look and logo. It’s a wonderful upgrade. The longstanding open-air laid-back vibe has been amplified with the addition of a new bar boasting a vibrant, colourful mural that depicts a cache of Pulse’s fashionably fierce supermodels. In short, Puls8 is a reflection of the Pulse standard of beauty, style and excitement with a distinctive twist. 

“We wanted to bring a fresh new look with the chic Pulse signature to Puls8, and we were very excited that our sponsors Appleton, Pepsi, Dunhill Cigarettes and Red Bull came on board to make it happen,” notes Safia Cooper, Pulse’s director of sales and marketing. Kingsley concurs. “Appleton is a major sponsor of Puls8,” he tells TALLAWAH, “and we really appreciate the support they have given us. Their support has helped to make all of this possible.” 

And when it comes to the Pulse brand, the work is never done. “There are so many things in the pipeline for next year, but this is certainly a big part of it,” Cooper explains. “We’re working hard at Villa Ronai, and there are so many more things to look forward to.”

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