Friday, 4 January 2013

BACK TO THE DANCE: Catching up with actress and new mom Sakina Deer

The talented, Thespy-nominated star of Glass Slippaz dishes about being a career mom, sharing a sisterly bond with songbird Alaine, and what she’s looking forward to the most in 2013. 

TALLAWAH: Was it at all challenging to inhabit a role like Cyndirelisha for Jambiz’s latest effort, Glass Slippaz
Sakina: It’s funny because you think it would be hard to play somebody that’s so good, and it kind of is. I had gotten accustomed to playing a lot of ‘bad’ females in shows, so playing this role has been quite a bit of a challenge. But having worked with [Jambiz] before, the relationship is just fantastic, and I feel like I’m a party of the family. So it’s been great, even though the working process this time was a lot more demanding because we had to spend a lot more hours fine-tuning certain aspects of the show. 

How would you describe the experience of working with singer Alaine on the show? I hear she's a totally catty diva (Laughs).
She’s such a sweetheart! From about the second day of rehearsals, we hit it off. She’s been a great help to me in terms of how to handle some of the vocals, because she’s a trained singer, and I am not. So we’ve been helping each other out a lot in different ways. So far it’s been a great run. And normally you know that alternates don’t get along, but me and her are cool, and I like that. 

What was it like performing in Keiran King’s Mr. & Mrs. Blacke over there in the Bahamas during your hiatus from the local stage? 
It was great. First of all, the Bahamas people are very appreciative. They need shows, they need theatre, and they crave it. So the atmosphere was really nice. They are really, really appreciative of the work. 

What are you looking forward to the most this year? 
Honestly, coming into the New Year, I couldn’t wait to get back on stage and now that I am here, I don’t know if there’s much that I can look forward to outside of theatre (Laughs). But otherwise, I guess I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter reach one (on June 30). 

Is it difficult juggling being a mom while starring in a new play? 
I really thought [motherhood] would be hard, and I went into it expecting it to be hard. But theatre I think is one of the better jobs in terms of balancing work with being a mother because once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’re good to go.

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