Thursday, 17 January 2013

CULTURE BEAT: Third instalment of Anancy Chaptaz heads to the stage + Better Mus’ Come is finding new life in the States

MAKING STRIDES: The multi-award-winning Jamaican film Better Mus' Come now has a distribution deal in the United States. The film became the first project of the just-launched ARRAY distribution company, an organization which falls under the umbrella of the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM). “Storm [Saulter’s] work on Better Mus’ Come as director, writer and cinematographer is wildly impressive, incredibly important and deserves to be seen by as many film lovers as possible. We’re proud that his gem will launch ARRAY,” notes AFFRM’s founder, Ava DuVarnay, adding that ARRAY has acquired all US distribution rights for the 2010 film, a sensational saga of love, gangs, and political strife, set at the height of one of the most violent periods in Jamaican history. “ARRAY is built to serve the tremendous burst of black cinematic talent across the globe, filmmakers who are embracing new technologies to tell their stories by any means necessary. The goal is to expand the brand cultivated over our first four theatrical releases by reaching new audiences via both digital and traditional platforms.” 

FOLKLORE REIMAGNED: The Independent Actors’ Movement (IAM) has announced that the third instalment in the prize-winning, Damion Radcliffe-penned Anancy Chaptaz series is set to debut in May. Titled Anancy Chaptaz: Winners’ Circle, the family-friendly show will run from May 24 to June 4 at a Kingston venue to be announced. For more information, call 820-9749 or 820-9754.

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