Thursday, 3 January 2013

OH, WHAT A NIGHT: Celebrating a New Year with ZJ Bambino + Nugent Walker + Yendi Phillipps + Chino McGregor + Brian Lumley + Usain Bolt

WELCOME, BACK: Jan. 1, St. Catherine. Stepping into the New Year in each other's arms (and a flurry of vibrant colour), fab lovebirds Chino McGregor and Yendi Phillipps looked extravagantly radiant at Frenchmen Climax on the grounds of the Caymanas Golf & Country Club on Tuesday night. Yendi's cheeky smile says it all. (Photo: Skkan Media) 

GREY'S ANATOMY: Jan. 1, St. Catherine. Sporting a bit of facial hair, the World's Fastest Man was also in the stylish mix at Frenchmen Climax on Tuesday, mugging for the camera alongside ace disc jock Orrett 'ZJ Bambino' Hart(Photo: Skkan Media) 

FAMILY TIES: Jan. 1, St. Catherine. Reigning Chef of the Year Brian Lumley traded his culinary hat and apron to dish up some dashing style in this sleek suit-and-tie, as he joined sister Steph-Rochelle at the Frenchmen bash. We'll have what they're having. (Photo: Skkan Media) 

LIFE OF THE PARTY: Jan. 1, St. Catherine. Judging by his stadium-bright grin, Bolt's longtime business manager Nugent Walker was loving the vibes at Frenchmen Climax on Tuesday night. Apparently, the Caymanas Club was the place to be. (Photo: Skkan Media) 

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  1. Tyrone carry some new people nuh man. A caa dem only be celebrities inna Jamaica. Dem over-exposed til me yeye dem weary