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THE HOT LIST: Jamaica’s 10 Sexiest Men of 2012

WHAT makes them so irresistible? These Jamaican heartthrobs are always scorching, but in 2012 they really turned up the heat. Whether excelling on the field of play, redefining success, or breaking all the rules, these are 10 of the sexiest island wonder boys (in no particular order) you’ve ever seen. Thank me later. 

Power never looked so good. According to our sources, one of the Opposition Leader’s favourite relaxation experiences involves kicking back in his pajamas with wife Juliette, enjoying coffee and the Sunday-morning papers. Clearly, whether rocking well-tailored suits on the job (to bring out his inner sharp-dresser) or pj’s at home, this attractive political powerhouse (who turned 40 in July) can’t escape the sexiness factor. 

With action-hero good looks and body for days, the dashing athlete-dreamboat remains a main draw for admirers everywhere. In 2012, in addition to participating in his third Summer Olympics, the 30-year-old stepped up his entrepreneurship hustle by breathing life into Irie Social and still found time to try his hand at being a newbie advice-columnist for All Woman, offering tips on how keep the spark alive. He should know.  

3. KONSHENS, 27 
Whether he’s working up a sweat in one of his countless music videos, posing for an MTV photoshoot, or flexing his vocal (and physical) muscles on stage, the high-flying hitmaker proves he’s building a solid body of work that will continue to entice and captivate for years to come. 

4. AINSLEY WHYTE, mid-30s
Thanks in large part to his Thespy-winning stage work and refreshingly laid-back charm, this fast-rising actor is finally getting the attention – and long overdue recognition – he so richly deserves. Curtains up, indeed! 

Cricket is not exactly one of the world’s sexiest sports, but Chris Gayle seems hell-bent on changing that. The ace batsman, who redefined the art of success in 2012, with his heart-stopping exploits on and off the field of play, continues to achieve laudable milestones in his personal and professional lives, not least among them his eponymous foundation. 

The dancehall-gospel icon has much more going for him than fiery tunes and the respect of his industry colleagues. With his inimitable sense of style and a mind for social responsibility, the proud papa and record-label owner has single-handedly proven that Jamaican men of the word can be head-turning sex symbols too.  

7. NATEL, 24 
From releasing an acclaimed debut mixtape of love songs to globe-trotting with mentor Mr. Vegas to welcoming his first child (a daughter) into the world, the easy-going, easy-on-the-eyes crooner has been making noteworthy strides while plotting a full takeover in 2013. A new EP, out soon, promises to deliver a signature mix of slick beats and dreamy vocals. 

Why is he sexy? For one thing, he’s a supertrim and altogether gorgeous specimen whose seemingly relentless ambition is fuelling his ascent up the corporate ladder (he’s presently a key executive at LIME) and cementing his place in our affections. According to the latest poll results, women on the street rank him highly among those worth running home to. We concur. 

9. I-OCTANE, 24 
The award-winning singjay may be all peace and consciousness when it comes to his lyrics, but we must also give credit to his nicely proportioned physique for making him such a longtime fan favourite and, increasingly, one of the most beloved contemporary stars of reggae. What can we say, we love the vibes. 

10. USAIN BOLT, 26 
Yes, he’s got that World’s Fastest Man thing going on, and he sure can rock the scruff when he feels like it, but the endless appeal of this Olympic legend (and six-time gold-medallist!) is the blend of charisma, effortless star power, and subtle bad-boy swagger that he brings to the sport of athletics and in the realm of social life. Struck by “Lightning”? Where do we sign up? 

>> BRAWTA: Sexiest Song 
“Prettiest Thing” by Christopher Martin 
Martin made listeners swoon in 2012 with this wonderfully melodious and inspired tune about finding the “right” one, a gift from the Most High. Now that’s pretty sexy.  

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    1. Had to pause for that one too...

  2. I am sorry. Must be something wrong with me but I don't find any of these men particularly sexy. I am tired of Asafa flaunting his body all over the place. But he doesn't have any...charisma's the word, I think!

  3. Why won't my dear readers let #AndrewHolness be sexy?! Of course, he deserves to be on the list :)

  4. Andrew Holness is NOT sexy

  5. Sorry Tyrone, Holness is about as sexy as Maxine Henry-Wilson; Ainsley Whyte looks like de Pillsbury Doughboy and I-Octane's personality is so vile and fake that not even that great head of hair can make him sexy for me! just my opinion#

  6. Andrew Holness for #1, please c'mon you gots to be kidding me...Asafa is ok but shouldnt be on the list!! That pic you guys have up for Konshens sure isnt sexy @ all....who is Mr Whyte?? Chris Gayle n Prodigal Son, really? Wudnt classify Natel as being sexy bt he has a voice to die for, love it!!...........tht Lime dude smh!! I-Otane and Bolt lets jus say they shud have ranked higher....

  7. Its in no particular order peeps but seriously though.....unnu sure I-Octane a 24......jah kno star.

    1. Mi shock at the age.. That nuh rite...

  8. come on ppl read the thing....check uself before u reck uself it did say in no particula ahda and quite frankly to each is own i would certainly have not place some of these ppl on the list, what were the criteria? Then again it maybe just a marketing tool for publicity for to grow the magazine......just saying

  9. I'm sorry was it 10 most popular or likeable guys cause its surely not the sexiest, why is Bolt on it?

  10. Ioctane is 24? Really? He looks way older. Nice hair but don't think he is sexy at all.

  11. I don't see PJ Patterson on dis list! How come? PJ HOT! Put him awnnnn!

  12. How is Dustin Brown not on this list?!?!?