Sunday, 27 January 2013

THE SHAPE OF THINGS: Pinto’s “New Growth Series” offers a fascinating spin on form and function

EN MASSE: Pinto's Embrace“, part of the New Growth series.

“The work I make is loose, expressive and personal – an extension of who I am, what I am feeling – constantly shifting so I am always exploring new ideas in different ways.” 

That is precisely how sculptor David Pinto explains the ideology behind his awe-inspiring new exhibit dubbed “The New Growth Series,” recently on view at the Mutual Gallery in Kingston. It’s a compelling showcase, endlessly fascinating in its absorbing exploration of form and structure, but more specifically the confluence of the male and female form, riddled with contours. 

“This series represents a personal journey of fertility, blending the sensuality of human and plants forms,” says Pinto, who offers 19 pieces in the exhibit’s collection, comprised of wood fired stoneware, soda fired stoneware and gas fired porcelain, in addition to two pieces made with natural ash glaze, as well as a few arresting earthenware vessels. “These three-legged vessels offer more than the ritual presentation of the Earth’s abundance. They offer nourishment to the soul.” 

And it’s precisely this sort of aesthetic that continues to inform Pinto’s career-long approach to his art in its entirety. As he puts it, “Sculpture, for me is a liberation from utilitarian constraints into a dreamlike world of perfection.”

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