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WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY?: Jamaica’s 10 Sexiest Women of 2012

IT’S raining women over here! As we step into 2013, we’re taking a hot minute to pay 'glowing' tribute to the sexy señoritas we couldn’t get enough of last year. These are women (in no particular order) who can do it all – with good looks, great ambition, and the sizzling sex appeal to match. No wonder we’re so obsessed with them. Heat wave!

1. JODI STEWART-HENRIQUES: Our Obsession of the Year 
We’ve said it before, and it’s worth shouting on the Blue Mountains: that Sean Paul is one lucky fellow! Blessed with the radiant smile of a goddess and a drop-dead gorgeous physique to go with it, Miss Jodi can put a jinx on us anytime, anyplace. 

2. STACIOUS: Dangerous Curves Ahead 
Who’s that girl? That’s what everyone wanted to know when the dancehall diva debuted her bangin’ new body as hostess of the Behind The Screen concert series at Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records. On Boxing Day, she positively had eyes popping when she took centrestage in that skintight ensemble, complete with a cage and a dominant ponytail that’s perfect to give us a spanking. 

3. YENDI PHILLIPPS: Va-Va-Voom Vixen 
Not even the rigours of childbirth, it appears, can diminish the jaw-dropping figures of women like Smile Jamaica hostess Yendi Phillipps, a genetic marvel if ever there was one, who continues to confound admirers and critics alike. Go ‘head, girl! 

4. CHERINE: Taking us for a Wild Ride 
With ultrafemme dancehall anthems like “Make-up Sex” and “Haffi Come Back,” Cherine has provided proof of what we long suspected, the supertalented songstress is secretly a fierce little kitty anticipating the right moment to let loose. Judging by the supersexy “Haffi Come Back” video knows how to keep folks talking and guessing. We’re super-excited to see what she’ll deliver next. 

5. ALAINE: Sweeter than Melody
Possessed of mile-long legs and the voice of an angel, this beautiful songbird turned stage actress has long been the object of our affections (and, we confess, some naughty desires). Alaine, sweetie, for you we will sacrifice. Promise.

6. REGINA BEAVERS: Dream Girl 
Gorgeous ’Gina ticks all the requisite boxes for our dream girl: serious smarts, effortless beauty, and a bodacious, bikini-ready figure. In 2012, not only did the talented bombshell grace her second TALLAWAH cover (a record!), she also expanded her résumé to include creative-camp conceptualizer. What can we say, we have a real weakness for ambitious women. 

7. TESSANNE CHIN: Pitch Perfect 
Majestic, lavishly gifted, and wonderfully meaty, Tessanne is both at the top of her game and atop our list of singers to serenade us with a lullaby or read us a bedtime story later tonight (wink, wink). The gifted singer, who in 2012 stole the spotlight at Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica Jazz & Blues, and a host of other performances, never fails to thrill and entice us. Come on, Tessie, sing us a love song! 

8. PEPITA LITTLE: The Charmer 
Whether she’s rocking stylishly modest or figure-hugging ensembles, the petite and shapely Pepita, the newest host of the Tastee Talent Trail (and 2013 YVA nominee), consistently turns heads while earning full marks in the allure department. Easily our pick for Miss Congeniality.

9. LISA HANNA: Ageless Beauty 
It’s been nearly two decades since she stole hearts across the globe as Miss World, but Hanna, a perennial flower in bloom, doesn’t look a day older. What’s her secret? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure: With her girlish charm, gamine-meets-cinematic good looks, and political clout, Hanna will forever be our Mona Lisa. 

10. MISS KITTY: Bad As She Wanna Be
We conjure the perfect dirty-dancing scene starring our favourite radio diva turned author:

Friday night. A club in New Kingston. She’s dancing alone, and he moves in behind her, resting his hands on her full-figured waist. From across the room, her girlfriends nod in approval, followed by lewd gestures and giggles. She closes her eyes and pulls him closer. He’s solid like Usain Bolt – six-feet-five of pure muscle. Still he holds her with a tenderness she’s been craving all week. For hours they move together, barely exchanging words. She doesn’t even know his name. By the end of the night, they’re pressed together, hip to hip, in a dark corner of the club – her arms around his waist, her lips on his neck. She inches her hands under the hem of his crisp white T-shirt and caresses the smooth skin of his abdomen. “No one’s watching,” she purrs into his ear. “I want to be bad.”

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  1. what was that about miss kitty

  2. dwl@Anonymous on de Miss Kitty comment!

    Much better female list Tyrone! keep up de good work! proud a you pawdi! All de best fi 2013!

  3. Great list! Its missing Tami Chynn though! And pocket rockett Shelly-ann