Friday, 1 February 2013

CULTURE BEAT: Mel Cooke launches live poetry album + Usain Bolt is the Gleaner’s Global Jamaican of 2012

GETTING HIS DUE: The lavishly decorated World’s Fastest Man picked up yet another duly earned accolade this week, as he was honoured with the Global Jamaican Award during Thursday’s presentation of the 32nd Annual Gleaner Honour Awards at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston. The sprint champion was recognized with the lofty award for his sterling accomplishments on and off the track, but especially in acknowledgement of his triple gold-medal haul at the London Summer Olympics. Among the night’s other honorees: Palace Amusement Company, Supreme Ventures Limited, and Grace Kennedy Limited. In the meantime, Bolt is among the nominees for this Saturday’s Youth View Awards (YVAs) in the category of Fave Celebrity Role Model. 

SAYING SOMETHING: “There is something about a live album, that when the crowd is responding you feel like you’re in the moment as well,” observes Mel Cooke, addressing poetry lovers at the launch of his new spoken-word album, Seh Sup’m: Live from Kingston, at the Edna Manley College on Tuesday night. Recorded two years ago, the album pays tribute to the now-defunct Seh Sup’m poetry event where Cooke read selections numerous times. But on a personal level, Cooke says he’s long been fascinated with the idea of creating a live album. The result is a 25-track CD comprised of 15 poems, an introduction and interludes. The poet and journalist’s first anthology, Eleven Nine, a Third-World exploration of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, was published in 2008 by Blouse and Skirt Books. Cooke’s work has also been featured in such noteworthy publications as the Jamaica Journal, the Calabash Festival’s Jubilation! and So Much Things to Say.

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