Tuesday, 26 February 2013

FLASH BACK: Here are Shaggy’s 5 Best Music Videos

SHAGGY’s videos consistently earn kudos for their high entertainment value and fascinating creativity. In honour of his latest, “Love Mi Jamaica,” we take a look back at the finest audio-visual accomplishments by Mr. Bombastic over the years. Roll camera!

1. Sugar Cane 
Vividly filmed and replete with deliciously eye-catching hues, this lead-off single from 2011’s Summer In Kingston delivered dazzling scenery, beautiful people, and a melodious, reggaefied salute to finding romance in our sun-kissed tropical paradise.

2. Church Heathen 
Chock-full of instantly recognizable faces (Rosie Murray, Ninja Man, Nomadzz), Shaggy offered an amusing and slightly satirical look at hypocrisy in the church. While reminding us that a little confession is good for the soul, the entertainer poked good-natured fun at society’s pretentious churchgoers with the disclaimer “If you take this too serious then you really need some chuch.” Amen to that.

3. Oh, Carolina 
Announcing a true star-in-the-making, the flirty slow groove off his debut album, Pure Pleasure, was both a nod to the Folkes Brothers who originally recorded the hit back in the day and a total demonstration of Shaggy’s skill for making vintage sounds feel adventurously fresh and modern. 

4. Bad Man Don’t Cry 
Ample proof of the genius partnership between Shaggy and frequent collaborator Jay Will, what played out was a memorable portrait of sex, lies and revenge in the guise of a mini-film with interesting guest appearances (Josey Wales, Sky Juice) and a thrilling, twisty storyline. 

5. It Wasn’t Me 
Arguably the most famous pop tune ever written about the art of cheating, the super-catchy chart-topping single earned a sprightly video centred on an unfaithful lover on the run (played by Rik Rok) and his enraged woman hot on his trail, highlighting Shaggy’s knack for creating fun records that provoke and entertain in almost equal measure.

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