Monday, 4 February 2013

LUST, CAUTION: Lady Saw confesses to having her heart broken – and how she’s moving on

HAVING A MOMENT: Lady Saw and leading man Shaggy filming a scene for her latest video, "Heels On."

Her brash on-stage persona effortlessly conveys a mix of wily sex goddess and tough-as-nails diva. In person though, Marion ‘Lady Saw’ Hall readily admits that she has her moments of vulnerability – and has been awfully hurt in love. 

In a recent interview with the Style Observer, she confessed that at the moment she’s estranged from her man of 17 years, who she says cheated on her and fathered another woman’s baby. She still loves him in spite of the shattering infidelity and broken trust, she admits, but right now they need to spend some time apart. 

“I don’t know where we are at now. He wants to talk to the world and apologize for what he did and gain back my trust,” she tells the magazine. “I loved him for 17 years. I see where he’s hurting, but what about my pain? We still love each other, but I’m at a place where I am considering if I should move on.” 

Looking ahead to a year full of great possibilities, the dancehall queenpin (whose next album is called The Alter Ego), says she plans to tread carefully if and when the time comes to strike up a new romance. “I have a heart that is soft,” she says, “but I’m guarding it.”

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