Sunday, 24 February 2013

ON WITH THE SHOW: Donald Anderson brings his livewire energy and comic chops to radio’s Hot Ice

AIR APPARENT: "It will be a totally different thing from anything else that’s going on."

When Donald ‘Iceman’ Anderson utters a phrase like “I feel blessed” one can’t help but believe him. After all, judging by the wave of success that’s enveloped his entertainment career of late, he should be. In addition to a Thespy-nominated starring role in the hit musical comedy Glass Slippaz and lending his star power to a host of cultural endeavours (from stage to music to radio), Anderson is on a roll. 

Now, the actor-comedian is set to take on arguably his biggest career challenge yet: hosting his very own weekday radio show, the three-hour-long Hot Ice, which kicks off this Wednesday from 2:00-5:00 pm on Hot 102 FM. “It’s a wonderful opportunity, another opportunity to showcase my talents as a radio personality,” says Anderson, whose previous on-air experience includes co-hosting D’Sizzle (opposite Denise Hunt) in 2010 on NewsTalk 93 FM and appearing on FAME FM’s ensemble laughfest Full House Fridays

“[Hot Ice] is going to be an amazing mix of comedy and music,” Anderson assures listeners, “and the difference this time around is that I’m going to holding the reins; I’m going to be the host of the programme. So it will have way more variety and be a totally different thing from anything else that’s going on out there right now.” 

Rosie Murray, the station’s programmes co-ordinator and fellow thespian, tapped Anderson for the gig, in the wake of Hot Mix host Richie B’s sudden departure to pursue new creative endeavours. “When Richie left, I started thinking about what we can do now, and who we could employ to fill that space,” explains Murray. “And I immediately thought of Donald, and called him to pitch the idea to him.” 

Murray is confident that Anderson’s blend of natural comedy and easy-going charisma will reel in listeners. “I’m really excited about what this show will offer,” she says. “It will be a mad mix of music, comedy, giveaways and lots, lots more. It’s going to bring a different kind of vibe to afternoon radio.”

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