Wednesday, 20 February 2013

PERSONAL SPACE: 5 Great Ways to Nurture the Mind, Body and Spirit at Home

Turning away from chaos and creating an emotional (and physical) haven is easier than you think. Adopt these five expert-approved tips to relax your body, free your mind, and uplift your spirit in your home sanctuary. 

Claim a Calming Space: “Even if you have only a corner of a room, you can place floor pillows or a cozy, upholstered chair there and add a velvet throw to cuddle up in,” says Beverly Hills-based interior designer Lisa Turner. Add a small table, a lamp with a dimmer, a few favourite books, and noise-cancelling headphones to complete the mood. 

Bring Nature Indoors: “The sound and sight of water falling over stones soothes the senses,” says Alicia Valair, owner of Lifestyle Design Interiors, based in Las Vegas, about investing in a small indoor fountain. As you add colour to your place, she advises, choose peaceful hues from nature. Organic cotton in bedding breathes more and may slow the heart rate and better regulate body temperature, leading to a good night’s sleep. 

Clear Out Clutter: “Mess contributes to stress,” says interior designer Shirley Holden. Her advice: Get into the habit of sorting, grouping and prioritizing items, then discard those that aren’t needed. Large floor baskets work well in bedrooms and add visual interest. 

Meditate a Moment: Surround yourself with inspiring affirmations, such as “Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” Or use a stencil to paint your favourite mantra on the wall. 

Connect to Culture: “Your sanctuary comes out of who you are, what touches your soul, your history. Use your own creative works and items that have connections to your roots,” advises Valair. Perhaps there’s nothing more comforting to you than being surrounded by loved ones. If so, take an entire wall or tabletop to display family photos or heirlooms. Or you can purchase prints by artists you admire. Search sites like and

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