Tuesday, 12 February 2013

RARE BIRDS: A Letter from the Editor

On the local calendar, February is set aside each year for the observance of Reggae Month and Culture Month – and, of course, the worldwide upholding of Black History Month. For those of us whose lives are simply dominated by culture, February undoubtedly happens to be a supremely busy time of year. 

I’m sure the same goes for Lisa Rene Hanna, the country’s hardworking minister of youth and culture – and ageless beauty queen, who this year marks 20 years as the 43rd winner of the global Miss World title. 

There’s something about Lisa Hanna. In addition to her obvious natural beauty, Hanna possesses tenacity and intellect in substantial equal measure, which partly explains why she’s managed to hold fast to her sanity and scruples when so many in Parliament are rapidly losing theirs. This month we pay tribute to Hanna and her incredible milestone (“A Woman In Full”), even as she continues her ‘reign’ as a thriving politician, mom, and terrific role model. 

This February also promises the long-awaited debut of Lennie Little-White’s Rex N, a compelling must-see documentary which explores the life and legacy of the late cultural juggernaut Rex Nettleford. In addition to our incisive look at the Lennie’s film, we will also share fond remembrances from some of those who knew Nettleford best, including some who worked by his side in dance and theatre. 

And lastly, a word on our cover star Michael Cuffe (“Feeling Great”), who this month takes over from Rodney Campbell as Regina Beavers’ sidekick on Uncensored, FAME FM’s long-running Monday-night chatfest. Cuffe is an ideal choice for the gig, given his penchant for radical, ultra-modern views and the relentless energy and youthful stamina he consistently brings to the table. 

Now almost 50 pounds lighter, courtesy of a disciplined weight-loss regimen, Cuffe is also proof that anything is possible once you set your mind to it. That’s something I’m quite sure everyone, Nettleford and Hanna included, would unreservedly cosign.

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