Wednesday, 6 February 2013

THESPY WATCH: Ranking the year’s standout leading actresses and supporting actors

TWO CAN PLAY: Martin and Bob Kerr in a scene from the School of Drama's Ruined.

In the coming week we’ll be announcing the nominees for the keenly anticipated 2012/13 Thespian Spirit Awards (the Thespies). Subsequent weeks will bring the all-important contenders for the Actor Boy Awards (set for March 25). So where do things stand right now among the supporting actors and leading actresses? Here are TALLAWAH’s current rankings in two of this year’s most hotly contested categories – to be updated as we draw closer to the final unveiling of the winners: 

Performance by an actor in a supporting role: 

1. Chris McFarlane – Dangerous Ambitions 
2. Donald Anderson – Glass Slippaz 
3. Akeem Mignott – Fifty 2 Rahtid 
4. Ainsley Whyte – God’s Way 2 
5. Maurice Bryan – Pularchie 
6. Chris Daley – Scandal 
7. Rodney Campbell – Wine & Roses 

Performance by an actress in a leading role: 

1. Risanne Martin – Ruined 
2. Dahlia Harris – God’s Way 2 
3. Deon Silvera – Fifty 2 Rahtid 
4. Sherando Ferrill – Pularchie 
5. Sakina Deer – Glass Slippaz 
6. Maylynne Lowe – Dangerous Ambitions 
7. Rosie Murray – Wine & Roses 
8. Keisha Patterson – Mr. & Mrs. Blacke 

NEXT TIME: Spotlight on the supporting actresses and lead actors

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