Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WORKING GIRLS: Cherine spotlights her music vids on The Africa Channel + Regina Beavers is trying her hand at live-music production

IN THE MIX: Regina Beavers keeps reminding us that she is a woman of dynamic and eclectic abilities. Her latest career move sees her stepping into the role of Creative Director of an exciting new cultural event set to capture wide interest in the city. As it turns out, the Barbican-based Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar will be hosting Live & Revive, a 10-week live music series beginning Monday, March 4, and it is being spearheaded by none other than Beavers, who informs us that the series will “take an innovative approach to Jamaican music and culture.” Beavers advises, too, that readers should “stay tuned for more details.” Pictured above: the Live and Revive team including (from left) Nicholas Ashton, Shani Davies, Beavers and Macau’s Managing Director Matthew Chinn

WORLD BEAT: “I am really thankful for every opportunity to share my music with people all around the world. I am honoured to be given this kind of platform via The Africa Channel. I hope to turn on more people to my music and Jamaican culture.” So says irie songstress Cherine of her recent buzzworthy showing on The Africa Channel, appearing on a 30-minute music show called Muziki Ni, which means “music is” in Swahili. Filling in as the episode’s featured hostess, Cherine took viewers through her catalogue of music videos, inspirations, and the songwriting process for some of her most popular hits. Viewers were also treated to some of her best clips like the recent “Haffi Come Back” and the classic “Kingston State of Mind.” The episode will be on repeat on The Africa Channel (which reaches nearly 7 million viewers between the ages of 25-54) throughout this month. Check your local TV listings.

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