Sunday, 17 March 2013

CATHY LEVY'S NEW MOVES: Actor Boy honoree has a fun new kid-friendly show in the works

FIT FOR A QUEEN: The former Miss Jamaica still nurturing young artists.

"It's called Imagine. Not magic, but magical," says Cathy Levy of her new theatre production opening in Kingston next month. "It's a kaleidoscopic, theatrical experience in black light, and we are working with Jeremy Thorpe who works on Disney productions in Florida." The show, which will run for the two weekends of April 19-28, will feature some two dozen works in mime, puppetry, dance, sign language, among other genres, with a 30-member cast , including deaf-mute children, aged 13 to 15. 

"It is all about highlighting the excellence of these individuals who are often overlooked," notes the legendary performing arts maven (Little People, Cathy Levy Players), who will be recognized with a special accolade at the March 25 Actor Boy Awards. "The show grants full access to the deaf and hearing impaired but does not mitigate the impact it will have for the hearing. It's purely for fun and will transport audiences from the mundane for two hours, leaving them happy." 

As for being this year's chosen recipient of the special Actor Boy Award, which is something akin to a Lifetime Achievement Award, Levy (also Miss Jamaica World 1983) says, "I am truly humbled. I consider it a huge compliment, and I am so appreciative." 

At the same time, working with Jamaican youngsters in a bid to hone their God-given talents remains an immense passion. "I have always focused on children as there was nothing like Little People when I was growing up and I wanted to offer youngsters an opportunity to express themselves on stage like had never been done before in Jamaica. And I saw these kids grow," she admits. "I would have to say I am proud of training a whole generation. My children are all grown and staking their claim in the world of entertainment."

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  1. Please allow me to make a few corrections to this information:
    Miss Levy's name is misspelt. It is spelled 'CATHI'.

    More important is the fact that "Imagine" does not have deaf-'mute'/'hearing impaired' ('politically incorrect and offensive' to the deaf, by the way) children aged 13 - 15 years of age in the Cast. There are 11 deaf teen and adult Cast members.

    Thank you for highlighting the Show and we hope to see you there!

  2. Where do i get tickets for this show