Wednesday, 27 March 2013

LAUNCH REPORT: Creative team and sponsors come together to preview Imagine

BLACK OUT: Thorpe surrounded by crew members at Tuesday's launch.

What: The media launch of Cathi Levy's Imagine 

Where: Red Bones Blues Cafe, St. Andrew 

When: Tuesday night 

Guest list: Paulette Mitchell, Sidney Bartley, Carol Lawes, Michael Sean Harris, Munair Zacca, Michael Holgate and Kereene Carty, among others. 

The show: Dubbed a kaleidoscopic theatrical experience in black light, Imagine is a collaborative effort among conceptualizer Cathi Levy, Disney and Sesame Street props master and puppet creator Jeremy Thorpe, and the expertise of US-based flying effects company ZFX. 

Mark your calendars: April 19-21 and 26-28. National Indoor Sports Centre. 

What patrons can expect: A mixed and mega-talented cast of 30 hearing and deaf performers offering a programme of 14 awe-inspiring works featuring mime, mosaic, dance, choreosign and theatre-in-black puppetry. "Primarily, what we hope this show achieves is bridging the divide between the hearing and the impaired," Levy explains. 

Meet the master puppeteer: "This show is gonna incorporate tonnes of puppets and lots of choreography. Lots of things that Jamaicans haven't seen in the theme parks," says the Orlando-based Thorpe, whose captivating artistry has brought life to mega-productions by the likes of Disney and Sesame Street. "Just the size of the puppets in the black-light theatre will get people excited."

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