Sunday, 24 March 2013

NEWS & NOTES: Bolt and Fraser-Pryce grateful for Digicel support + Tami Chynn enjoying 'magic' of first pregnancy

BABY LOVE: "Pregnancy has been amazing. Just like I had imagined, I love being pregnant. I'm enjoying the magic of it happening," says Tami Chynn, dishing on her early state of motherhood with Outlook magazine. "I decided that I had to do a few things career-wise first, but it was always something that I wanted to do, so right now I'm just really enjoying the process." The sexy songbird, who is 20 weeks in with her first boy, says she's learning to live for the moment. "I'm enjoying the process right now, because I know there's a point when I'm going to want this thing out of me. I'm doing all the things I have the energy to do from now. My only wish is that having a baby wasn't so expensive." 

FOUR MORE YEARS: Mobile giants Digicel has extended its sponsorship contracts with Olympic champions Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the fastest man and woman on Earth, pictured above with Denis O'Brien (left) and Andy Thorburn. "I want to thank Digicel for supporting me from the very beginning. That kind of loyalty means a lot," says Bolt. "I hope that together with Digicel, and through my own efforts and achievements, I can help inspire people to do extraordinary things in their day-to-day lives." For her part, Fraser-Pryce says being a part of the Digicel family has been nothing short of rewarding and life-changing. "I am so happy to be continuing this journey with Digicel. Since joining four years ago, I have had the opportunity to be a part of many promotional and community activities. And Digicel, in turn, has supported me in my career and in my efforts to give back to my community in Waterhouse," notes Fraser-Pryce. "That level of partnership and support means a lot, and I am looking forward to bigger and better things over the next four years."

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