Tuesday, 12 March 2013

OUT & ABOUT: Simon Crosskill + Charmaine Franklyn + Erica Williams + Adrian Henry + Beenie Man + Regina Beavers

NIGHT VISION: Mar. 8, Kingston. Ahead of his electrifying performance, a white-clad Beenie Man (and his dark shades) shares lens time with Charmaine Franklyn at last weekend's staging of Bacchanal Jamaica's Le Masquerade inside Mas Camp. (Photo: Skkan Media)

SIX LOVE: Mar. 10, Kingston. No complaints! SportsMax's Simon Crosskill finds himself gleefully surrounded by a phalanx of smiling beauties at JoJo's Jerk Pit on the occasion of a pre-birthday lyme for popular selector DJ Smoke held on Sunday. (Photo: STUSH)

FIERCE & FAB: Mar. 11, Kingston. Monday night's wonderful launch of the Live & Revive music series drew a sizeable and sophisticated crowd to the Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar in Kingston for a serving of delightfully jazzy selections. Here, event co-founder Regina Beavers (left) poses with Erica Williams, representing sponsors Appleton. (Photo: TALLAWAH)

GROOVE THEORY: Mar. 11, Kingston. Virtuosic guitarist Maurice Gordon (centre) and bass player Adrian Henry thrill patrons at Monday's debut staging of Live & Revive at the Macau Lounge. "It was a real honour to be the first musicians to perform at this new event," Gordon tells TALLAWAH. "It's a great venue, and we hope to be back." (Photo: TALLAWAH)

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