Monday, 1 April 2013

READING ROOM: Suzanne Francis-Brown debuts latest children's book + Lorna Goodison gives reading at London's Keats House

ON REFLECTION: Distinguished Jamaican poetess Lorna Goodison was recently in London to take part in a literary shinding celebrating 150 years of the London Underground. Goodison, alongside Nii Ayikwei Parkes (a Ghanaian poet now living in London) and award-winning British poet Jo Shapcott (among others) read poems reflecting typical aspects of London, as well as on the immigrant experience important to postwar London. The reading took place at Keats House in Keats Grove. "It's the home of my favourite poet of all time, John Keats," says Goodison. "One of my poems was selected to be put up on the trains, so that was lovely." Goodison's "Bam Chi Chi La La: London, 1969" describes the dreams of a Jamaican teacher working as a charwoman in the West End. The title refers to a popular Jamaican children’s rhyme. Her newest collection, Supplying Salt and Light, was recently published by McLelland & Stewart. 

ANOTHER WORLD: Author Suzanne Francis-Brown has released her fourth book for tweens, The Mermaid Escapade, exclusively on Amazon's Kindle e-book format. This latest addition to the Jamaican e-book catalogue follows mermaids and three human children as they tackle the mystery of a wily and potent threat to their environment. "Escapade is digital because that’s the cutting edge," explains Francis-Brown, whose other titles include The Mystery of the Golden Table and Marcus Garvey, "especially for young people. More and more people have e-readers." The Mermaid Escapade goes on sale April 1.

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