Tuesday, 19 March 2013

THEATRE LOUNGE: Jambiz shaking things up with plans for TV drama -- plus, an update on Camille Davis

SHOW AND TELL: Salmon (left), and new mother Davis.

Among the hardest working men in local theatre production, Lenford Salmon has been expertly steering the ship at Jambiz for the past several years, contributing immensely to the theatre house's vast success, most recently with Glass Slippaz, which bagged a handful of Thespy Awards and is currently nominated for 11 Actor Boy honours. 

Even so, Jambiz International is determined to diversify its offerings, this year in particular. And the upcoming TV drama, Changes, seems the perfect product to get the ball rolling. "If all goes well and we get the requisite sponsorship, we should be on air in the last quarter of 2013, hopefully in October," Salmon tells TALLAWAH via email. "As you can well imagine, things are extremely tight in the marketplace right now as far as the availability of sponsorship dollars are concerned. But we are very optimistic." 

Given the dearth of entertaining homespun dramas/comedies on local television, Changes promises a welcome respite. A couple weeks past, Jambiz put out a casting call for interested actors to try out for roles on the show. "We are still in audition mode. As such, the final cast has not yet been selected. Cast members will be added as we proceed," says Salmon, who has co-starred in series like Royal Palm Estate and The Blackburns. "What we are doing now is to identify the principals for recurring roles, and a few roles which may appear in one or a few episodes. So as soon as we have made the final selections, we will make that known." 

Meanwhile, theatre watchers are eager to learn the latest on leading lady Camille Davis, who's been on hiatus from the stage for quite an extended period. As it turns out, Davis is currently getting used to her newest role: new mother. "Camille has given birth to a wonderful little baby girl, and is yet to wean herself away from her," says Salmon. "As to when she will return to the stage, that is not yet known by us. We have not yet focussed on casting for the summer production. That we will do as soon as we finish casting the TV drama."

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