Sunday, 14 April 2013

AGELESS APPEAL: Marcia Griffiths on her new album, Bob Marley, and what keeps her going

REGGAE QUEEN: "Music is about uniting the world," says Griffiths.

More than 40 years in the biz is enough to make anyone feel jaded. Not Marcia Griffiths, who is busy giving new meaning to how to lead an inspirational life when one is well into one's sixth decade on the planet. Griffiths was a guest on CVM's The Karen D Show earlier this week and spoke candidly about her life now and then and still being passionate about her work after all these years.

On the age factor: I'm feeling wonderful, and I'm feeling like I'm on top of the world right now and still rubbing shoulders with all the young artists that are performing today, so I feel as if I'm beyond age now.

On the power of positive thinking: I started out at a very young age -- 11 -- and I guess it's that kind of spirit that is within me. It comes out more and that's what keeps me going. But the most important thing is the thoughts that you conceive. It all starts within, and it's a reflection of what's on the outside.

On Bob Marley's mystical appeal: After being in the business for such a long time and touring for such a long time, it is hard to have one memory that stands out. There are many special moments, especially with a man like Bob Marley. I usually say that I'm glad that I gave him flowers while he was alive because I know who this man was. He was just different. I recognized from that time that that man was truly sent from Almighty God, regardless of his personal life. I had some very special moments working and touring with Bob and saw how serious this man took his music. I realized that music was not just entertainment and fun and dance, it was much deeper -- what you're sending out into the world, the message.

On releasing a new album of collaborations: In my song where I say, "I shall sing as long as I live", I'm endorsing that. Also, this new album (Marcia Griffiths & Friends) is a double CD of collabos with different artists who I've worked with over the years, young and old, and it is interesting because it has something for everyone.

On the endless fan appreciation: I am not surprised because I know in my heart that what I am sending out there is that positive vibration. It's about sending your music from your heart, hoping that it will connect to the people exactly as you sent it out with so much love. It's about uniting the world. Through music you can communicate with the four corners of the world to touch souls which no doctor can do.

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