Wednesday, 17 April 2013

BLOSSOM O'MEALLY-NELSON: Facing her biggest life challenge with steely resolve and good humour

FACE VALUE: "I have to keep my brain going and stay sharp."

Renowned woman of many talents Dr. Blossom O'Meally-Nelson is a staunch believer in the notion of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It's that sort of smart ideology that's been bolstering her resolve, as she embarks on a mission to, among other things, re-establish her financial standing in the wake of losing all of her pension in an American scheme that collapsed after its principals misappropriated the funds. 

"I am pensionless and husbandless... I can't afford to retire financially and I can't afford to retire mentally. I have to keep my brain going and stay sharp," she quipped to Ian Boyne on Sunday's Profile. "So life is very exciting for me. Because how I'm going to manage is foremost, and that is an exciting thing. For other people, it's a lawd-a-massi thing. But for me, how I'm going to manage is a challenge." 

Meanwhile, the iconic Jamaican who has sat on numerous national boards and held many top jobs, says she's also holding fast to the more significant things like family and her good health. "I eat right. I exercise, and I do weight training regularly. Five days a week. You have to keep your body north or it will go south on you." 

Then there's her favourite pastime of sharpening the intellect. "I make sure I read a lot, and I research a lot," she confesses. "I take on new things by going into fields that I'm not necessarily trained in to make sure that I can master them."

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