Saturday, 20 April 2013

CATCH THE BUZZ: Miss Kitty moves on from RJR + CaribbeanTales readies 2013 film showcase + Andre Leon Talley publishes new fashion tome

MOVEMENTS: After almost 5 years at the station, Khadine 'Miss Kitty' Hylton has announced her departure from RJR, as she sets her sights on broad new horizons. "Miss Kitty is all about expansion and growing," she said on Friday, her final day as host of the afternoon session, Ruption. "In life, we have to take the necessary steps. Sometimes in life when you are given an ultimatum you have to choose what is best for yourself." RJR also confirmed on Friday that Miss Kitty was leaving. The station released a statement saying the broadcaster's resignation comes against the background of discussions regarding other arrangements, which are having an impact on RJR's present activities. In March, Miss Kitty (who serves as an adjudicator on Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall) began working with the New York-based Link-Up Radio. She has promised, however, that she will continue to live and work in Jamaica. 

CINEMA: CaribbeanTales, produced in partnership with Harbourfront Centre, is accepting submissions (until June 30) for its 2013 film showcase, which promises to celebrate an explosion of films from the Diaspora, with interactive workshops, screenings and networking sessions, from September 4 to 15 in Toronto. "An explosion of talent in images and sound is taking place across the region and the world," organizers explain in a new release. "Literally hundreds of filmmakers from the Caribbean and its Diaspora — Europe, North America, Africa, India, Lebanon, and on — are taking up the camera as powerful weapons for the expression of their unique voices, and many extraordinary film stories are being released." Contact 

BOOKSHELF: This month, quintessential style authority and Vogue Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley offers Little Black Dress (Skira Rizzoli), a celebratory tribute to one of every fashion lover's most prized possessions. "For years Anna Wintour has turned to me when selecting her most important looks. When my best friends doubt their little black dresses, they call me on the telephone seeking reassurance," Talley writes in the book's introduction. "As Oscar Wilde wrote in his play An Ideal Husband, 'Men are the only authorities on dress.'" Above all, the publication speaks to the power of the style staple, long considered the zenith of elegance in any woman's wardrobe. "The power of [the little black dress] suggests dash and refinement," says Talley, "and signals today's concepts of luxury and modernity."

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