Thursday, 4 April 2013

EDITOR'S PICKS: Ishawna shines with "Murderer" + Sandberg champions women in the workplace + Common is so good at being bad

BOOK: The idea of "having it all" is perhaps the greatest trap ever set for women, notes Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, her powerful new book in which she expands on such big ideas as the notion that increasing the number of women at the top of their fields will benefit everyone. Sandberg also encourages women to challenge the common workplace assumption that men still run the world. "It's honest and brave...the new manifesto for women in the workplace," offers Oprah Winfrey, while the New York Times says Lean In will "open the eyes of women who grew up thinking that feminism was ancient history... [and] encourage those women to persevere in their professional lives." 

FILM: Written and directed by Sheldon Candis, Luv stars Common as a sharply dressed, fresh-outta-jail uncle who spends the course of a day giving his precocious, slick-talking young nephew (Michael Rainey Jr.) a crash course in thug life (guns, gangsters, greed) while determined to raise the sizeable capital required to get his first restaurant up and running. Dennis Haysbert, Charles S. Dutton and Danny Glover co-star. It's a hopeful, well-acted film about family and finding courage in the face of insurmountable odds, but it sends mixed messages with its central storyline. Still, the Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee packs an emotional power punch and earns points for its visceral and straight-shooting take on urban realities. 

MUSIC: With megahits like the Specialist duet "Do For Love," Ishawna has demonstrated that she's possessed of a gorgeous singing voice and the requisite sugar and spice to match. Now, the talented songbird continues her exploration of love and relationships with the melodious and emotionally charged reggae-soul number "Murderer," featuring a sample of Buju Banton's classic tune. The beautifully filmed video does a fine job of capturing a couple caught in a violent relationship, while echoing the song's timely message of rising above domestic violence and finding the strength to finally break free. Take a look at the clip HERE

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