Thursday, 25 April 2013

HOT DOWNLOADS: Press play on these terrific new tunes from Lana Del Rey, Shaggy and Fantasia

"Without Me"
Fantasia feat. Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott
Few R&B divas do heartache as well as Fantasia, whose biggest career hits ("Bittersweet", "Truth Is") all memorably traffic in pain and passion. Now comes her latest radio-ready jam, "Without Me," a splendid, tear-soaked number (the second single off her new CD, The Side Effects of You), highlighting the singer's throaty vocals and featuring solid contributions from Kelly Rowland and longtime bestie Missy Elliott. Take a listen HERE.

"Young and Beautiful"
Lana del Rey
With Baz Luhrmann's hotly anticipated big-screen vision of The Great Gatsby mere weeks away from hitting cinemas, tracks from the Jay-Z curated sound track are fast making their way to radio, led by Lana Del Rey's achingly tender "Young and Beautiful," which (in true Lana style) gorgeously captures the vanity and longing at the heart of the classic story. Take a listen HERE

"Close My Eyes"
Shaggy feat. Kat DeLuna
They previously teamed up on the 2011 single "Dame," but that scorcher is pale fire when compared to their vibrant new tune "Close My Eyes," a richly melodic riff on affairs of the heart that delivers piercing vocals from DeLuna nicely complementing Shaggy's gritty-groovy rhymes. Shaggy's keenly awaited follow-up to Summer In Kingston drops in September. Take a listen HERE.

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