Monday, 1 April 2013

LEADING BY EXAMPLE: A Letter from the Editor

One of the truly wonderful things about this issue is that its allows TALLAWAH to shine the spotlight on one of our all-time favourite passions: great music. In all its various forms and guises, the art form has long held the power to not only soothe and entertain but also impact lives in tremendous way. That's precisely why it remains paramount that our singers, songwriters, deejays and producers make a solid commitment to releasing music that is, to put it simply, responsible. 

Hence the choice of dancehall-soulstress Cherine as our cover star. As we all know by now, this supremely talented artist is not only a passionate and extremely proactive performer, she's also a fiercely independent and rebellious soul with a great big heart for worthy causes like the annual breast cancer awareness campaign and her own Reach One foundation. In her musical life, we've long admired her tendency to transform and dazzle while refusing to be pigeon-holed, a quality shared by several of the personalities we plan on saluting this month. 

That includes the likes of Chronixx, reggae's new poster boy for fiery testimonials, and singer-songwriter Stephanie, who is pushing back against expectations of what it means to be an independent artist striving to leave an indelible mark in the industry. Then there are the veterans with buzzworthy new albums on the way (Sanchez, Konshens, Shaggy) and the rising stars (Sean Lypher, Rondell Positive) with something noteworthy to say. 

What they all have in common is an admirably pragmatic approach to their craft combined with realistic viewpoints and a willingness to come to the fore and lead by example.

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