Saturday, 27 April 2013

LIFE AFTER RJR: Miss Kitty's next act + Will she make a return to Jamaican radio?

SPOT ON: The radio diva reflects and looks to what's up next.

On April 19, news broke that vivacious RJR personality Khadine 'Miss Kitty' Hylton had tendered her resignation after the station laid down an ultimatum: break the link with her new US-based station or walk from her popular afternoon show Ruption, which she had been hosting for the past four-plus years. Obviously, Miss Kitty went with the latter option. 

News of her exit got us thinking: will the self-proclaimed fluffy diva ever make a return to local radio? As it turns out, we might not have to wait too long to hear her voice blessing the Jamaican airwaves once more. "I have many offers being thrusted at me at the moment, and I have to take time to think about it," she animatedly tells the Entertainment Report. "But, of course, I want to be where the people are. And so, Jamaican radio, I will be back." 

Despite that optimistic outlook, it's clear that being forced out of her job has angered her somewhat. "I'm a freelancer, and by virtue of being a freelancer I don't get insurance, I don't get pension, I don't get paid vacation. I don't get sick days. If I don't work, I don't get paid," explains the fast-talking 31-year-old. "I can't be a freelancer, and you hold me to the same standards as a staff member. I don't benefit as a staff [member] as a freelancer. I must be able to freelance. And if you want exclusivity, pay for it. Put your money weh yuh money weh mout' deh. Otherwise, nuh bother chat, yeah." 

As we await her next bold move, the fluffy queenpin says she fully intends to keep on staying true to herself in life and in work. "I'm just a real person, a true person. Of course, some of the antics that we do on stage is for entertainment," she confesses. "From uptown to downtown to round-town, Miss Kitty connects and Miss Kitty breaks barriers, because Miss Kitty is real."

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