Sunday, 7 April 2013

OUT & ABOUT: Sean Paul + Asafa Powell + Duda Magalhaes + Cathy Freeman + Bernardo Fonseca + Jodi Stewart + Ricky Simms + Brian Lumley + Usain Bolt

FLIGHT SQUAD: Apr. 3, Brazil. A whirlwind trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recently culminated for the World's Fastest Man with a sweet helicopter ride out of the big city, but not before sharing this sizzling photo-op with longtime manager Ricky Simms (far right), Bernardo Fonseca of X3M Brazil, and Duda Magalhaes of Dream Factory. (Photo: Thiago Diz)

BON APETIT: Apr. 3, Kingston. The Gardens of the Jamaica Pegasus were on Wednesday transformed into a gastronomical retreat, as the annual Chefs on Show attracted a huge turnout of foodies and socialites. Culinary whiz Brian Lumley, seen here with a pair of lovely ladies, was among the 13 top chefs who participated. (Photo: Infuzion Inc)

SPOT ON: Apr. 5, Australia. Sprinter Asafa Powell, who wrapped up his eventful working visit to Melbourne over the weekend, on Friday attended the John Landy Luncheon, where he bumped into Australian track-and-field legend Cathy Freeman(Photo: Getty Images)

WE OWN THE NIGHT: Apr. 5, Kingston. The stars flocked to the LIME Golf Academy in droves on Friday night to revel in the high-energy carnival vibes at Pandemonium and catch live performances from Machel Mantano, Shaggy and others. Sexy power couple Sean Paul and Jodi 'Jinx' Stewart clearly had a blast. (Photo: Skkan Media)

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