Thursday, 11 April 2013

OUT & ABOUT: Tessanne Chin + Mario Evon + Richard Hoo-Kim + Kamila McDonald + Selecta Renegade + Michael Cuffe + Usain Bolt

TRIPLE THREAT: Apr. 7, St. Andrew. Following Sunday's all-day Carnival road march across the Corporate Area, stars like Usain Bolt (seen here with Richard Hoo-Kim and Selecta Renegade) headed to Appleton Wall on West King's House Road to unwind and celebrate yet another successful staging of Bacchanal Jamaica. (Photo: Skkan Media)

TOTAL KNOCKOUTS: Apr. 10, St. Andrew. Each week boxing and beauty make for a fierce collaboration at The Contender series, hosted by the Old Hope Road-based Chinese Benevolent Association. The ever-gorgeous Kamila McDonald makes her entrance alongside a sexy pair of Foska promo reps. (Photo: STUSH)

CUTTING LOOSE: Apr. 6, Kingston. The annual Sunrise Breakfast Party recently drew appearances by a blietzkrieg of A-listers and socialites at the Constant Spring Golf Club. Reggae-soul prince Mario Evon was in the mix, getting his groove on in the company of of some fine ladies. (Photo: Infuzion.Inc)

CHEERING SECTION: Apr. 10, St. Andrew. The action at Wednesday night's staging of The Contender was electrifying enough to elicit thunderous applause from the crowd, including the likes of Tessanne Chin and Michael Cuffe(Photo: STUSH)

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